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"Corinne was an integral part of our birthing experience. She is a natural "mother". Warm, kind & supportive, Corinne was a strong but gentle entity during our labor. She was present but not intrusive, allowing my husband & I to share this intimate experience together, offering gentle help & guidance only when it seemed we were in need of it. She was able to be there as much or as little as we needed at exactly the right moments. She was exactly waht we needed. Thank-you Corinne."

-Anna & Phil, after the birth of their first baby

"As first-time parents, we were predictably nervous about how the birth of our baby would go. We are both people who like to feel in control, and we knew that giving birth was one experience we wouldn't have a lot of control over. We knew we would need a support person who had an encouraging and calming presence, and Corinne fit the bill perfectly. It is so obvious that she sees giving birth as a miraculous process and loves being part of that. Corinne is a natural helper who has an incredible intuition that helps her to understand what kind of support an individual needs. Whether that means being close by but not intrusive, or hands-on and in-your-face, she tailors her support to the needs of her clients and does it with obvious joy."

-Caitlin & Matt, after the birth of their first child


"We are so glad you were a part of our son's birth. Your encouraging words at just the right time helped me through my labor a great deal. ..... Thanks for sharing this extraordinary moment with our family. We really could not have done it without your support."

-L & T, after the birth of their first child

"Thank you Corinne for your amazing support before, during and after the birth of our twin girls. You were there within minutes when labour started in the wee hours of the morning, all the way until the next night when we were resting comfortably with our girls in our hospital room. Your extensive knowledge of the birthing process, calming and reassuring presence and thoughtful help was so valuable to our birth experience. We couldn't have imagined doing it without you. Thank you again!"

-Ashley & Jeremy, after the birth of their twins, Madeleine and Avery


"Corinne was a gift during the labour and birth of our son.  When I was unsure she set my mind at ease.  When I was tired she offered the support that my wife needed.  One gift that Corinne offers is intuition- she just seems to know what is needed at any given time and provides that support effortlessly.  The second gift is the ability to love every baby like it was one of her own.  When my wife and I were exhausted and need extra help at home, we could not think of a better person to care for our son, and to aid us in adjusting to his young and fragile life."

                                          - Ryan, after the birth of his second child



"Corinne was amazing!  She sat down with us to discuss what we were hoping for out of our birth experience, and what we hoped her role would be.  She was quick to offer ideas and suggestions when we needed them, as this was our first child and we were open to learning and getting lots of new ideas.

Corinne was everything we were looking for during labour and the birth.  She gave space and helped out when needed and showed so much support for me and my husband.  We made a great team, along with our midwife.

I would highly recommend Corinne to anyone seeking a doula.

Thank you so so much for all your help during my pregnancy, and especailly during labour! We both valued your suggestions and support throughout, and are extremely lucky to have had you there."

- Shauna & Nathan, after the birth of their first child


“Corinne really knew her stuff - she helped to prepare us for the big day by meeting with us several times and helping us choose strategies and techniques ahead of time. During the labour, Corinne was an incredible physical and emotional support to both of us. Despite a long and, at times, frustrating labour, she was calm, professional and reassuring. Corinne was very flexible, which is such a key attribute during labour as it tends to take its own course despite best laid plans! She also showed great stamina, staying with us throughout the whole process, even waiting in the waiting room at 4:30 a.m. when we ended up needing a caesarean section to bring our little guy into the world. We couldn’t have done it without her!”  

 -Liana & Hamish, after the birth of their first child


"Corinne was an incredible addition to our birth team during the labor and delivery of our second child.  From our initial meeting to the postpartum visits, Corinne was always professional, attentive, and calm.  She listened to our questions, concerns and desires and helped to put our minds at ease.  We knew that we could trust her to be an advocate for us at the hospital.  During the labor and delivery, Corinne was encouraging and empowering and was genuinely excited with us when our baby boy arrived.  Corinne has a true love for children and families, which is evident in the interactions we have with her.  If we are blessed with another pregnancy, we will have no hesitation in inviting Corinne back into the journey with us."

- Jennie-Lynne & Andy, after the birth of their second child


"I really want to thank you  for being such an important part of such a special journey for me. It really meant a lot to me to have someone I know and trust to take care of something quite precious, and I'm so glad it was you! Thank you for your gentle encouragement ..... you really went above and beyond for us and we appreciate it very much!"

- Christina & André, regarding placenta encapsulation services after the birth of their first child

"I don't normally write testimonials or "like" things on facebook, but I have to make an exception to sing the praises of Corinne Bargen, who did me the great favour of being my doula for the birth of my second child.  Corinne joined me in the hospital for the first three nights after my son was born, and she wrapped him in her arms and into a snuggly wrap and cooed and loved him, just as I did during the days.  She brought me my son when he was hungry, but let me get those critical hours of sleep so that I could recover from my c-section quickly.  Corinne is confident in her abilities (she is the mother of three boys herself), and wise beyond her young years. She has amazing interpersonal skills, knows how to handle nurses and doctors, and also vulnerable new mothers.  And of course babies LOVE her.  My son just hears her voice and beams huge smiles - you'd swear he remembers those first few days and hours in the hospital in Corinne's arms.  My only regret is that I didn't find Corinne to help me with the birth of my first child.  If there is a gift I could give any new mother and baby, it would be to have Corinne by your side when your little one enters the world."

-Britta, regarding in hospital overnight postpartum support after a planned caesarean birth


"I contacted Corinne while I was pregnant about helping me out in my post-partum period as I have a young toddler and was anticipating a bit of an adjustment period with the new baby. She was very quick to get back to me and was very helpful in accomadating my schedule.

Corinne fit easily into to our lives and was incredibly attentive to our needs.  She was great with my almost-2-year-old son as well as the baby.  Corinne has an amazing ability to just see what needs to be done and get it done.  She worked non-stop throughout our sessions.  

Corinne noticed little details of the way that I did things and it was just like having two of me.  I never had to micromanage or worry about things being done.  I found my times with her to be restful and helpful in my transition to managing two kids under two on my own.  Corinne was invaluable and I would recommend her wholeheartedly."

-Margherita Jess, regarding in home postpartum support